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Rose water is wonderful for the face and anywhere else you'd like - known for toning pores and smoothing out wisdom lines with its loveliness. This seed-to-bottle rose water is made from a variety of species depending on the batch. Plant Makeup currently grows over 20 different species of roses including: Rosa rugosa, Rosa damascena and Rosa nutkana.  Its dreamy scent is an added bonus.  

Directions: Use as desired - as a hydrosol spritz or with a cotton ball to remove makeup and cleanse away the day.




Plant Makeup is unique artisanal apothecary based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.  They hand make skincare with 100% natural ingredients - using flowers, roots, berries and herbs.    Lighter and gentler, these plant paints naturally celebrate one’s beauty and honor our wild origins rather than masking our features with bold, toxic pigments.



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