Collection: Chloe Cox

"Stay Soft."

Slow, circular wearable art made from upcycled secondhand and vintage textiles. With a mission to keep textile waste out of landfills, Chloe Cox reworks forgotten clothing in small batches by giving it a second life with dye, mending, color, and a touch of magic. Based in Portland, Oregon, Chloe is honoring the slow traditions and stories of the past while creating a respectful future, all while living presently in the moment. With a sharp refined eye and an innate proclivity for finding treasures, Chloe handpicks each piece from secondhand shops, estate sales, thrift stores, and antique shops all over the West Coast.

While many brands create fast fashion from scratch, which exploits both the planet and its people, Chloe Cox slowly turns existing textiles into treasures to last a lifetime. How we spend our money is important and with each intentional purchase, we are creating a new standard with respect for the earth and humans.

Collections are released in small quantities, dismissing the conventional ideas of overconsumption, waste, and trends.


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