Shop Lyko is an owner-operated slow goods retailer and community space that made its home amongst the trees in St. Johns, Portland, Oregon in the spring of 2021. At Lyko we believe that we can change our world by how we consume - and the world we hope to see is wild, unpolluted, nourished.  We tap into the broader movement for a slower life by stocking ecologically-responsible + ethically-minded goods made by companies that prioritize people & planet.

Yes, it's a little witchy.  

It's the lovechild of Heather Emery (she/her/they); an Oregon-grown multidisciplinary artist with a tendency for nature worship.  It's named for Emery's bohemian grandmother, Lena Lyko - as an ode to the matriarchal history of craft culture.   Heather's selections for the shop are informed by her experience as a weaver, natural-dyer and vintage buyer - with an aesthetic carved from Willamette Valley fringe culture.   (She was raised part-time in a touring school bus with the forest painted on it, after all.)

Emery runs her small shop full-time with her customer relations ambassador, Eddy Sunshine, a tiger-striped pony of a dog.  She also works as a weaver, making a limited run of woven commissions each year to support her creative practice.  

In the spirit of community, the shop offers handcraft education workshops, art shows & pop-up bizarres throughout the year, prioritizing profit sharing whenever possible. 

The petite 1940's marigold building is adorned with a giant snail mural - a collaboration between Emery & artist, Estée Preda

*St John's resides on the unceded territories of the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Tribes. 



"Welcome to Slow Town"

A collaboration mural for Shop Lyko by Estée Preda · http://esteepreda.com


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