Slow Fashion + Resale

Shop Lyko centers around low-impact living and slow fashion.  We stock handcrafted goods, made by ecologically and ethically-minded individuals/companies. We also consign gently worn vintage, womyn’s & unisex clothing as a way to contribute to a trade economy.

We are also a space for artisans to make a fair return for their craft.  Artists are paid out 60% cash for their consigned work while resale apparel consignment adheres to the standard 40% cash/50% trade model.  The idea is to pay makers a living wage for their craft, and support a sustainable, circular marketplace.  


Resale fashion is selected based on the style and fabrication of the garments.  We take natural fibers (and blends) only.  For more information on our general consignment process, or if you are an artist that would like to have your work considered for Shop Lyko please email us at