Collection: GATHERWISE

Gatherwise makes full-circle seed-to-bottle skincare in Portland, OR.  Their products are the result of over twenty years of learning and discovery by esthetician and herbalist, Melissa Fuller.  She draws on her deep knowledge of plant medicine to expertly craft pure and potent products that naturally replenish your skin.

Fuller grows the majority of the ingredients in the Gatherwise garden, complementing them with mindfully-foraged plants that grow locally in abundance. They are lovingly distilled, rendered, and combined by hand to maximize the innate benefits of each plant. This seed-to-bottle approach allows for the highest possible control over the quality of ingredients and methods of production.

Gatherwise takes a holistic approach that not only views each ingredient as a part of a bigger vision, but also sees your skincare as one essential component in your overall care and wellbeing.


+ Eco-friendly + Organic + Nontoxic  + Vegan + Cruelty-free

+ Handmade + Small batch + Plant-based

+ Womyn owned

+ Made in Portland, OR. USA

+ Not on Amazon