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Give your skin a hug!

This bottle is filled with flowers that all have natural astringent + moisturizing (pore hugging) properties. An oil free toner and cleanser for all skin types and ages. Mist on to remove makeup or after cleansing the skin! Can also be used as a water based hydrating serum, calm the skin with a hug!

Directions: Spray onto freshly cleansed skin, preferably after an exfoliating mask. For sensitive skin, try a tiny test at first.

Ingredients: the floral water distillations of my own natural garden grown mint, my own natural garden grown rose, my own natural garden grown lilacs, elderflowers*, linden*, lemon balm*, calendula*, helichrysum*, yarrow*, chamomile* and lavender*, witch hazel extract*, aloe vera gel*, grapefruit essential oil* and love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

2oz bottle with fine mist sprayer

water based, oil free


plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . mica free . all natural . handmade . compostable + plastic free packaging



Plant Makeup is unique artisanal apothecary based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.  They hand make skincare with 100% natural ingredients - using flowers, roots, berries and herbs.    Lighter and gentler, these plant paints naturally celebrate one’s beauty and honor our wild origins rather than masking our features with bold, toxic pigments.



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