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Clear Disappearing Face Gloss

Ready for something weird but magical? Expand the horizons of the minimalist no makeup look with clear drippy gloss face gesso. Super absorbing melting right into the skin for naked ethereal disappearing ultra moisturization. A smooth transparent luminescent subtle shine radiates when your skin hits the light. For a baby fresh faced nakeup glow, it is made with some of the best oils in the natural beauty universe. It’s like a gesso foundation serum oil to glow throughout your day and enhance moisturize. Perfect for dry, normal and sensitive skin types. Essential oil free, with a slight natural floral earthy scent from the oils.

Ingredients: liquid coconut oil*, jojoba oil*, macadamia nut oil*, cranberry seed oil*, emulsifying wax (from palm oil certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standards) + love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients improved super smoooooth formulation!

1oz (28ml) 


Plant Makeup is unique artisanal apothecary based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.  They hand make skincare with 100% natural ingredients - using flowers, roots, berries and herbs.    Lighter and gentler, these plant paints naturally celebrate one’s beauty and honor our wild origins rather than masking our features with bold, toxic pigments.



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