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Start your mermaid beauty routine!

For all skin types... a honey, seaweed and green clay superfood breath of fresh air for the pores.

French green clay has amazing absorbent powers and also known to help revitalize a beautiful complexion.

Dreamy use for smoothing out fine lines. Especially excellent for oily + blemish skin types!

Directions: Apply directly to skin, paint your face with plants! Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Remove by washing with warm water or a warm damp cloth. It is thick and a bit sticky from the honey. Mermaid up body paint style before bathing! May also be used as a soap alternative as it gently scrubs + exfoliates away impurities.



Plant Makeup is unique artisanal apothecary based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.  They hand make skincare with 100% natural ingredients - using flowers, roots, berries and herbs.    Lighter and gentler, these plant paints naturally celebrate one’s beauty and honor our wild origins rather than masking our features with bold, toxic pigments.



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