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Organic and caffeine-free herbal tea.

Aroma: Earthy, floral, fresh

Taste: Bright, earthy, and slightly floral.

Key Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, lavender, chamomile, and 500mg hemp

relax & unwind

The Empress Hemp Tea is an organic herbal blend that reminds you to love yourself and nurture the beauty within. Mellow, dreamy, and comforting, this robust herbal tea of organic botanicals is made to soothe your nerves and reproductive system at any time of your cycle–including (and especially) during moon time or peri-menopause.

• Red Raspberry Leaf ~ A uterine tonic that helps to nourish, tone, and tighten tissue.
• Chamomile ~ A nourishing nervine and mild bitter that’s great for soothing stress and easing digestive discomfort.
• Lavender ~ An aromatic oil-rich flower used to promote peace and relaxation.
• Rose ~ An aromatic flower used to nurture the heart and create a feeling of inner peace. 
• Hops ~ A calming herb used for soothing cramps and regulating hormones.
• Peppermint ~ A minty, refreshing herb to calm the digestive system and open the breath.
• Hemp ~ A nourishing, calming herb that supports our Endocannabinoid system, promoting a healthy response to stress and whole body function.

RITUAL: Enjoy this delicious hemp tea hot or cold, or even roll into a smoke blend. Add a touch of coconut milk and honey for added nourishment and flavor. You can drink this tea all day, and especially when you need a quiet moment.

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Make & Mary is Latinx-owned & founded hemp-based wellness company - with their sustainable roots growing in the Willamette Valley. They create every delightful product by hand in their studio lab in Portland, OR.

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