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A classic six-panel, unstructured baseball cap made in California. The slightly pre-curved brim and worn-in fit makes it feel like an old favorite.

* Unisex

* Pre-shaped visor

* 5oz Ripstop | 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton

* Garment Dyed

* Crafted with double warp and weft threads woven into a crosshatch pattern that provides thick reinforcement for rip and tear resistance

* Adjustable plastic snap back closure

* Vent holes to keep cool





Healing the Planet with Hemp

"Our mission is to raise awareness about the many uses of hemp, and why its regenerative qualities make it a desirable alternative to finite, natural resources that are less healthy for the environment. Fashion is a form of activism: what we choose to wear says both who we are and what we stand for. Making beautiful, high-quality hemp clothing is our way of creating a medium through which we can all demand change with our dollars and express what kind of future we want to live in. Choosing a hemp tee is a small, simple act– but it’s one that can change the world. Hemp’s potential to mitigate climate change is one of the greatest opportunities of our generation."


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