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Reishi From The Catskill Mountains, NY. 

This pigment is part of the Dust To Dust collection and is made from Reishi Mushrooms. 

It will have texture as well as larger pieces of pigment present in the polish finish. Each batch will have slight color variations.

Naturally, larger particles will stick to the bottom and sides of the bottle and not suspend in the polish base.

10-free. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Nontoxic.



The Dust To Dust Collection

Pigment is a steward of history.

Earth pigments are crushed or extracted minerals from rocks that give us a color experience. Powdered land. 

Earth pigments have been used in the making of art and for communication since Homo sapiens have been on the earth. Rich pigments have been used to tell the stories of past civilizations through cave drawings, burials, rituals and ceremonies.

The earth pigment nail polish is composed of rocks that were foraged by hand in specific locations and then broken down, by us, into a pigment for nail polish. When wearing these polishes, you are physically wearing the place where the minerals in the pigment were foraged.

This polish, both in color and form, is the antithesis of the synthetic plastic glitters in the cosmetic industry - using unconventional materials in nature as an answer to the beauty industries growing waste problem.


Death Valley Nails creates products that are vegan, cruelty-free and nontoxic. Their polishes are ten-free. Ten-free means that their polish base is formulated without formaldehyde, toluene DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, phthalates, or added fragrances. All of their polishes are free of ingredients derived from animals, outside of the Bone polish which is made from otherwise un-used animal bones in support of local farms (more on it here). A complete list of ingredients can be found here.

All of their products are made by hand, by them, in small batches. They are passionate about the creation of high-quality beauty products that are responsibly made. They cycle out polishes frequently to make room for new colors and collections. 

Death Valley Nails gives a percentage of their profits to the Mojave Desert Land Trust, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation and Soul Fire Farm.

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