GMG is an Oregon-based eco + ethical company on a mission to transition the fashion industry away from commonly-used toxic dyes, by creating demand for natural plant dyes like Indigo, in order to help heal the planet.
GMG focuses on dyeing natural plant fibers like cotton, rayon, hemp, silk & wool with an emphasis on fabrics made in the US or repurposed secondhand clothing. They dye predominantly with Persecaria Tinctoria or the Japanese Indigo plant, mainly using an Organic Sugar Vat recipe. They use resist-dye techniques and have a continuing practice in the Japanese art of Shibori, specifically Itajime. They purchase their Natural Indigo from a company in Tennessee that works to convert southern tobacco farmers into a more sustainable, earth-friendly cash crop.
The GMG team has a background in Eastern Medicine (Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine), Western Herbalism, Gardening, Textiles and Fermentation Science. They fuse these areas of knowledge and passion together with their love of Mother Earth (Gaia) to bring sustainable, everyday goods into creation to share with you!

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