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This is a pair of reiki-infused earrings, hand-beaded by Cherokee artisan Maggie Glover, of Waleia Creative, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

"Waleia" is Maggie’s Cherokee name. She connects to her roots through each piece as a unique meditation, cleansing each pair with cedar and sweetgrass, and infusing them with Reiki.

  • Ear wire is made from hypoallergenic surgical steel, fine for sensitive ears.
  • These are best stored flat.
  • If fringe gets jumbled out of shape, try smoothing it back out with your fingers then laying them flatly inside a thick book overnight.
  • All beaded supplies are purchased from small businesses. 

“I believe the energy we infuse into our art holds a lot of power. When I create art that a person is going to wear, I want the energy that is woven into each piece to hold something supportive and healing. After I create new beadwork I cleanse it with herbal smoke and infuse with reiki and a little prayer to whoever will end up receiving the earrings. When someone wears my beadwork I want it to lift their spirits, and bring a really positive feeling they can carry through their day.” 

-Maggie 'Waleia' Glover of Waleia Creative


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