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Jungmaven - Original Tee - Clay Green - Medium

Jungmaven - Original Tee - Clay Green - Medium

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This is the iconic Jungmaven fit that has been a boutique favorite since 2008. The same roomy and relaxed shape now built with a more earth-friendly, 55% Hemp/45% Cotton blend. 

  • Roomy, relaxed wider fit
  • Slightly scooped, ribbed neck
  • Silky soft texture creates a lighter feel and flattering fit
  • Mid-weight 5oz for a perfect drape
  • Men’s Sizing - Women should size down depending on desired fit.  *’Men's Sizing' indicates sizing based on standard garment manufacturing terms, and is not meant to suggest gender identity.


More About Jungmaven

Healing the Planet with Hemp

"Our mission is to raise awareness about the many uses of hemp, and why its regenerative qualities make it a desirable alternative to finite, natural resources that are less healthy for the environment. Fashion is a form of activism: what we choose to wear says both who we are and what we stand for. Making beautiful, high-quality hemp clothing is our way of creating a medium through which we can all demand change with our dollars and express what kind of future we want to live in. Choosing a hemp tee is a small, simple act– but it’s one that can change the world. Hemp’s potential to mitigate climate change is one of the greatest opportunities of our generation."


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