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Fooshoo - Green Splatter Ceramic Candle Holder - Medium

Fooshoo - Green Splatter Ceramic Candle Holder - Medium

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This is a hand-formed ceramic taper candlestick holder in a curvy floral-inspired shape, finished with a green-speckle glaze over a creamy white base.

*Fits 1" taper candles.  For wider candles, simply shave down around the bottom to ensure a snug fit. For narrower candles, burn the bottom end until the wax is soft and press into candle holder. 

Measures ~2.25" high x 4" wide


Due to the handmade nature of this product, small imperfections should be expected and add to the uniqueness of each item.




Fooshoo is a Womyn & Latinx-owned ceramics studio based in Miami, Florida - making functional works of art in small-batches by hand.  

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