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Handmade one-of-a-kind ceramic candle stick holder by Erika Christine Ceramics. 

Inspired by traditional amphora vases, made with white stoneware clay and glazed by hand. 

This one is painted with a vintage style dusty rose tone. 

Pair with the chartreuse candle stick for complimentary color joy!  


~1” top opening, with an inner diameter of  ~1/2” for an extra secure slim taper candle fit.

~2.75” tall

This candle stick holder is made to fit a variety of taper candle stick sizes- slim taper candles can rest at the base, while larger candles can be secured with some melted wax.  These holders pair well with Cave Glow's Spiral Beeswax Tapers.



Erika Christine Ceramics is a one woman handmade business. Erika studied ceramics at the Kansas City Art Institute, and has been working with clay for 7 years. Her ceramic practice utilizes multiple techniques including the potters wheel, hand-building, and slip casting. Each piece is painted by hand with serene colors and florals often inspired by nature, vintage textiles, and domestic interiors. No two pieces are ever exactly alike, and inherent marks often seen as “imperfections” on handmade objects are celebrated instead of erased. Her distinct style is characterized by the joining of the decorative and functional, with each piece fully food safe and designed to elevate the everyday experience.

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