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Apt Herbals - Warm Earth Bitters

Apt Herbals - Warm Earth Bitters

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a deliciously warm blend of dreamy florals, traditional bitter roots + bright citrus to boost, detox and soothe your digestive system. having a healthy gut is pivotal in our overall health, so show your digestive system all of the love with this vibrant blend.

warm earth bitters were inspired by dry summer days when the earth is hot and the plants are fragrant. Apt Herbals tried to bottle the essence of these summer days where the sun hits your skin just right. the calendula + chamomile were grown in the apt herbal gardens with much care and heart.

if you’re a fan of cocktails or mocktails that pack a medicinal punch (or just taste great) you will love the warm earth bitters.

50 ml


shake well before every use

place a couple drops directly on your tongue as needed, or dilute 1-2 dropper-fulls in a beverage of your choice.

can be taken before or after meals to kick start + support your digestive system

keep out of direct sun


calendula (calendula officinalis)^*, chamomile (matricaria recutita)^*, dandelion root (taraxacum officinale)^*, burdock root (arctium lappa)^*, orange peel*, cane alcohol*, distilled water


^ locally sourced

* these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA — this product is not intended to treat or prevent any disease.


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