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Apt Herbals - True Blue Seasonal Serum

Apt Herbals - True Blue Seasonal Serum

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30 ml

fresh, organic japanese indigo from vibrant valley farm starts + yarrow right from our garden, and organic essential oils of helichrysum + yarrow.

the fresh indigo was plucked + wilted for a day, and infused in organic jojoba + grapeseed oil with our yarrow at a low temp so the medicinal properties of the plants remain active + extracted .this oil is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent, regenerative, analgesic (pain relieving), and naturally cooling. the qualities of these plants together lit me up, offering an oil that is excellent for oily skin, acne prone skin + mature skin in a base that will not clog or harm the sensitive pores of our faces.

indigo - topically, indigo is known to reduce stress + inflammation of the skin, creating pathways for your skin to heal + restore cells, even treating conditions like psoriasis. it is quite magic, restorative + even naturally cooling when applied.

yarrow - yarrow is a gentle powerhouse. it is naturally many things, including being an astringent which will naturally tighten the skin, shrinking the appearance of pores + treating acne. it is also antiseptic, fighting against infection-causing bacteria + a mild analgesic, aiding with pain relief. in true blue, we extracted dried yarrow as well as added a small amount of yarrow essential oil, which naturally turns blue in the distillation process.

helichrysum - also known as ‘immortelle’, this plant is a really special addition to true blue. helichrysum supports collagen + elastin, both very important things in keeping our skin looking and feeling healthy. it is high in antioxidants, aiding in skin restoration in which you may see reduced fine lines, scarring, and dullness. like the others, it is also anti-bacterial, making it super helpful in treating acne + breakouts.

how to use:

apply a couple of drops to your face, neck + chest and pat into skin. works wonders on oily/acne prone skin, mature skin, inflammation + sensitive skin. can be used on other parts of the body to treat inflammation or irritation.

*secret tip — can be a great remedy for bad bug bites!



fresh japanese indigo*^, yarrow*^, jojoba oil*^, grape seed oil*, helichrysum eo*, blue yarrow eo*

* organic

^ locally sourced

no preservatives — keep out of direct sun, use within 6 months of purchasing.

some plant matter may be present.



From Portland's own plant-based wellness company, APT Herbals. APT is womyn-owned & operated, and maintains a commitment to local sourcing, educated practices and constant learning.


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