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Amsha - Fine Weave Basket - Medium

Amsha - Fine Weave Basket - Medium

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Form meets function, woven and dyed by hand, with materials of the earth. 

These finer sisal baskets are crafted by a weaving cooperative in southeastern Kenya. The sisal fibers are hand-dyed and and then woven into works of art. These particular baskets require advanced technique to weave as the fiber is spun finer to allow for more intricate, nuanced pattern-building.


Each basket is one of a kind, but adheres to a natural, neutral color-way of browns, beiges + blacks. 

Measures 8-10" wide and tall (some are wider, while some are taller)

*If used as a planter, ensure you plant in a water-resistant vessel with a drainage plate.  These are not for direct planting as they are made from materials of the earth that will degrade when exposed to repeated moisture.    




About Amsha

Based in Portland, Oregon - Amsha works directly with artisans across Africa. They focus on driving social change in underserved communities by bringing quality, ethically made goods to the marketplace.




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