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Amano Studio - Mother of Pearl Yin Yang Necklace

Amano Studio - Mother of Pearl Yin Yang Necklace

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In Chinese cosmology, the Yin Yang symbolizes the philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces. Naturally occurring dualities are physical manifestations of this idea, such as fire and water or birth and death. Complementary forces interact in a dynamic system where the whole is greater than its assembled parts.  


6mm mother of pearl and black shell Yin Yang. 

14k gold over 16" brass barley chain.

*The gold is applied to a base metal (brass in this case) in a very thin layer. Gold plated jewelry is an affordable option to solid gold. You can lengthen the life of the gold layer by removing your jewelry when swimming in pools and especially the ocean. Also while exercising. Salt and chemicals break down the gold layer. Do not use a polishing cloth with chemicals to clean plated jewelry as the gold will rub right off.


Amano Studio is a small, woman-owned jewelry brand and production studio based in Sonoma California. Founder and designer, Seana Pedelaborde, is a 25 year veteran of the fashion and gift market.

Amano Studio draws inspiration from vintage fashion, the night sky and the beauty of the California landscape. They partner with a handful of old New England workshops that give them access to archives of 70+ years of molds and tooling which allows them to resuscitate genuine vintage design as those designs cycle back into fashion. 

Their business manifesto is as follows:

1. People before profit.

2. Buy American.

3. Love your Mother Earth.

4. Give Back - Visit Amano Gives Back to learn more!

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