Meet the Shopkeeper





Heather Emery-Walen (she/her) grew up in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, imbued with her father's creative spark (he was a marimba-playing dweller of a forest-muraled school bus) and her mother's playful, yet industrious work-ethic.

Shop Lyko gets its name from Emery's 3x great-grandmother, Lena Lyko, and is a tribute to the slow-craft folkway traditions pioneered by generations past. Her family is littered with vintage hounds, teachers and creative types alike, but her grandmothers left a particular inspiration on how craft, vintage and fine art could meld in one workshop space.  

Heather has managed resale shops for 12 years and counts many wonderful women in business as her mentors. She transitioned her focus to creative work in 2013, studying Floor-Loom and Jacquard weaving in Italy, as well as natural dye techniques at University of Oregon.  Weaving is her main creative medium, and the craft continues to influence how textiles and garments are selected for her shop space.  As an artist herself, Emery is committed to representing and compensating Shop Lyko’s featured makers fairly.

Emery has lived in St John's neighborhood of Portland, Oregon since 2014, on a petite urban homestead with her husband, tending to chickens, a domestic house rabbit, a Maine Coon and a perfectly charming tiger-striped dog, (otherwise known as Shop Lyko's CEO) Eddy Sunshine.